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Boy and Girl Lover Forums on the Internet
Playing down and supporting the sexual abuse of children
(December 2009)

The sexual abuse of children on the Internet is not limited
to child pornographic content or depictions of minors in
sexually suggestive poses; it already starts with exchanging fantasies about abusing children which is very typical
for boy and girl lover forums.
Whenever child pornography is concerned jugendschutz.net forwards the report to the German Federal
Criminal Police Office (BKA). Here, identifying the perpetrator has priority. However, in the legal grey area bordering on child abuse jugendschutz.net focuses on own
research and takes action. After a successful campaign
against websites containing depictions of minors in sexually suggestive poses last year, jugendschutz.net now
carried out systematic research of the boy and girl lover
scene on the Internet.

and children to be acceptable to society. They typically

"Pedophiles aren't monsters."

"Society thinks pedophiles are really bad people. But
we're not."

Most of the users frequenting boy and girl lover forums
experience a preference for prepubescent children aged 5
to 12 years. However, what is actually crucial is not the
real age but the physical development of the child. In all
the forums assessed surveys on the favourite age were
very characteristic, regularly going along with asking for
the favourite practices. Here some quotes:

"I fancy girls from the age of six; don't often see such

"Tits are disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter
which size, no matter which age. PRE PUBESCENT
RULES, nothing else matters."

Platforms for exchanging and discussing
sexual child abuse

"Fuck an 8-year-old girl in the ass."

jugendschutz.net examined various forums ranging from
professional information taking a critical look at pedosexuality to content with absolutely illegal depictions.
Some forums operate in a legal grey area with no criteria
for assessment under media law so far: Pseudoscientific
forums pointing out alleged studies and scientific evidence to justify pedosexual preferences or forums trivializing and promoting the sexual relationship between
adults and children. So-called boy or girl lovers use the
forums to report about their contacts and their real "relationships".

Forum members speak of children as sexually available.
They even assume that children are interested in sexual
relationships with adults and therefore consider these as
completely normal. Children are depicted as equal partners and not as victims; for instance, forum members
regularly argue that girls see it as a "game", that they
have "fun" or love to make "sexual experiments". They
call for the acceptance of pedophilia as a sexual orientation and the legalization of possessing child pornography.

jugendschutz.net sorted out 44 relevant websites in the
surrounding of the pedophile scene in Germany and
abroad and checked these for illegal content and potential counter measures.

The evaluation of the forums led to the following results:

The forum subscribers do not think of their affinity as
morally reprehensible; they rather see it as a "sexual
preference". They present themselves as "good pedophiles" being non-violent and far away from any kind of
abuse. Boy and girl lovers want sexuality between adults


Boy and girl lover forums regularly serve as a platform for
exchanging or trading pictures of children mostly posing
in clothes. There is a big demand for such photos; they
are exciting and stimulating and arousing for people with
a certain deviant interest. And, it is not just a matter of
looking at these photos; many boy and girl lovers post
comments talking about their fantasies and playing down
the sexual abuse, e.g.

"A pedo with no pics every day keeps the sun away.
I've got 20.000 such wonderful pictures."

"This boy gives you wet dreams."

"This little one really turns me on, she's mine. And
old enough to have fun with."

Through the Internet subscribers of boy and girl lover
forums are connected worldwide; they communicate their
experiences and give advice on living out their pedosexual preference and getting away with it. Inexperienced
users are paired up with a mentor ("big brother") who
explains how to use the forum and helps out in any way.
For instance, they discuss the best way to discreetly approach children or entice them to engage in sexual actions.

"How do I make my boy take a bath with me?"

"Hi Frido, welcome, my name is Volta and I am your
big brother. Contact me whenever you've got a problem; and if you need someone to talk, I'm always
there for you. Just send a personal message or an
email any time. Best wishes, Volta, your big brother."

Almost all forums recommend the use of technical means
like encryption or anonymizers to hide their identity and
stay away from police. Boy and girl lovers are exhorted to
be very careful when disclosing personal data. Some examples:

"It's safer to carry out your boy lover activities in an
encrypted area on your hard drive."

"Specifically in boy lover forums you find police and
anti-pedophile activists eavesdropping on conversations. That's why you should always watch out what
you say if you make a point of remaining anonymous."

"Never think your postings will be forgotten after a
few months."

"Just grope the boy the first day you meet him."

Legal assessment and potential actions
A large number of boy and girl lover forums operate in
the legal grey area before crossing the line to sexual child
abuse; only few clearly break the laws. Forum operators
and users are well aware of this and consciously create
their content and postings to stop well short of being
legally assailable. Therefore, jugendschutz.net focused on
measures directed towards clear breaches of the laws,
e.g. dissemination of child pornography or depictions of
minors in sexually suggestive poses.

ther actions, i.e. transmission to police or own analysis,
with no significant success so far.

A decided stand against the trivialization of
sexual abuse
Playing down sexual child abuse, confirming pedosexual
orientations and talking about pedophile activities has to
be objected to. Boy and girl lover forums picture adults
and children engaging in sexual acts as a natural and
normal sexual behaviour. They cater primarily to adults
and, similar to pictures of minors in sexually suggestive
poses, they are a first step to the sexual abuse of children.
Empirical evidence has shown that there is only a fine
line between fantasy and real abuse. In 2008, an operator of a German girl lover forum with a criminal record of
child abuse, was sentenced to six years imprisonment
with subsequent preventive detention for the sexual
abuse of an 8-year old boy. A similar case occurred in the
USA: In 2009, a child porn ring was smashed and it turned
out that it was closely linked to a boy lover forum.
jugendschutz.net had reported this forum to the US partner hotline three years before.
jugendschutz.net's approach to investigate boy and girl
lover forums and to take action shows first signs of success. However, there is still a lot to do in this field.
jugendschutz.net will work on establishing reliable criteria for a better legal assessment of forums in the grey
area and appropriate counter measures. jugendschutz.net
will also discuss boy and girl lover forums within INHOPE
and deepen cooperation with partner hotlines in this

jugendschutz.net demands the observance of youth protection on the Internet and takes care that problematic
content is quickly modified, deleted or made inaccessible
to children and youngsters. The German Youth Ministries
founded jugendschutz.net in 1997 as the central organization for the protection of minors on the Internet. Since
2003, jugendschutz.net is assigned to the Commission for
the Protection of Minors in the Media (KJM) in order to
achieve a consistent control of broadcasting and Internet.

In all instances glorifying sexual abuse jugendschutz.net
contacted the providers in Germany and abroad, referred
to their terms of service and asked them to shut down the
forums; eight reacted accordingly.
jugendschutz.net forwarded 23 cases to partner hotlines
in the USA, Russia, Netherlands, France and Italy for furBoy and Girl Lover Forums on the Internet, 2 / 2


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