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Resident Name: _____________________________________ Date: ___________________


ID Care Plan for Disruptive Behaviors

1. Resident scratches, bites
and kicks CNA's during
personal care 1-3x per shift
on all 3 shifts.

Resident will have 1 less
episode per shift of
physically aggressive
behavior during personal
care per day for the next

1. A meeting will be held with
caregivers on each shift to discuss
possible causative factors and
effective and ineffective approaches
2. All members of the direct
caregiving team and the ID team
will track and document all actual
physically aggressive behavior
(PAB) they observe and the
circumstances surrounding it Using
EDGE Worksheets for the next
week (e.g. 2/3-2/10).
3. Environmental factors present
before, during and following the
behavior will be recorded also.
4. Family will be consulted for help
in understanding PAB in light of
resident preferences for ADL's and
past history of coping skills.
5. ID team will plan approaches
based on information obtained.

Resident has had fewer
incidents of PAB in last 2
wks. since new care plan
approaches have been used
by staff (now 3x per wk.
instead of 3x per day)
since 5/15

Resident will have fewer
than 3 incidents of PAB
per wk. for the next 4 wks.

1. All staff caring for resident will
learn approaches found to be
effective in preventing PAB in
2. Staff will continue to use EDGE
worksheets to track disruptive
behaviors and plan new approaches
as needed




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