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ANNEX C (APFT) to OPORD 12-01 (13th Annual “Best Ranger” Competition)

Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT)
Task: Take an APFT.
Conditions: Given a football field and a 400 meter track. Uniform is Modified APFT
listed in Annex A of this OPORD.
Standards: Demonstrate muscular and cardio-vascular endurance in push-up, sit-up, and
2-mile run events conducted in accordance with TC 3-22.20.
1. Description of Event: Each competing Cadet must take the APFT. Cadets will NOT
be weighed, however, scores are graded IAW the standards for the 17-21 age
2. Scoring: Individuals who receive a 100+ in ALL events are graded on the extended
scale for extra points. The score for the event is an average of the buddy team’s
individual scores. (Example: Cadet 1 gets a 350 on the APFT and Cadet 2 scores a 250.
The team score is 300). Each Cadet DOES NOT have to score over a 300 on the PT test
for one team member to use the extended scale.


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